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About Belinda

 I am being called to serve, to share my ability with those who are willing to listen, those who seek direction, confirmation, clarity, intuitive healing and a connection to the spirit world.

For as long as I can remember I have had this ability to see, feel, smell and hear things that others cannot. When my Grandfather passed, he would come and see me often, giving me comfort, guidance and sometimes give me little nudge back on track.

He started to bring others who wanted to communicate with their loved ones that I was sitting with or talking to. It was when he volunteered me to be the messenger to a lady I saw on stage having a healing session that my soul purpose became clear.

Out of an auditorium full of mediums, clairvoyants and healers he pushed me forward to be the one to connect to this lady and share the messages she’d gone there to receive.


Seeing the comfort it gave this lady, encouraged me to go on to help others.

Recently, through a powerful healing ritual, I met my GREAT Grandmother (7 generations back) she worked with me to release ancestral binds and shared with me her powerful healing techniques. GREAT Grandmother now often joins me in my intuitive healing sessions bringing great wisdom.

I am honored and blessed to represent the higher realms, when we connect together for a session, I become their messenger.

In light 



As well as intuitive readings and healing Belinda enjoys facilitating intuitive circles, workshops, courses, 1:1 sessions and retreats to encourage others to step into their light.

These include:


Psychic Medium|Healer|ReikiMaster|YogaTeacher|Priestess

"We will stand in our light, we will speak our truth and together we will rise"

B Moore


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My heart was so over joyed after Belinda's reading. This was my first experience with a Medium and I was feeling a little nervous. As soon as the reading began Belinda's warm, kind, nurturing energy shown through. I completely relaxed and felt safe with her. This was such a positive experience in letting go of the old and stepping into my power. I was also reminded of the connection to my guides and how supported I am in life. Such a beautiful feeling. Blessing Belinda


"This was my first reading with Belinda and the messages were sensational. Very precise, direct and detailed to guide me in exactly the right direction for me now. I walked away feeling blessed, enlightened, and armed with all the knowledge I need. Huge gratitude for the process and your gifts Belinda. Thank you"


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