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Chakra Balancing

Feel aligned and balanced.


Chakras are energy vortexes or centres in the body that connect us to our higher frequency.

When these energy centres become unbalanced or stagnant, we can be left feeling out of soul alignment, disconnected to life  & can manifest as unexplained aches or pains in the physical body.

In this session, Belinda will check & balance your chakras by working with your Spirit Guides, using Reiki Energy, Crystal Healing & channelling a deep meditation to bring you back into balance.

Each session is uniquely aligned to you just as your Spirit Guides ask.

You will feel deeply relaxed, more aligned & balanced.

Exchange 75-90 mins $155

Online sessions are available 

(Prices current 30th March 2024)



Through energetic scanning & reading the body, messages come through from your body and your guides to help you release and receive on a higher frequency what you need at this time.

These messages will help bring awareness to what is stored in your chakras & cells including past life information. You’ll gain insight into why you feel the way you do in certain situations or why you can’t seem to move forward or continue to repeat old patterns.

You’ll feel deeply relaxed, balanced & have gained valuable insight whilst releasing what your Spirit Guides feel no longer serves you.


As a Reiki Master, Belinda will use Reiki Energy, Crystal Healing, intuitively channelled  deep meditation, body scanning + 15min card reading to gain more clarity.

Exchange 90 mins $175 +$25 for extra 30 mins

Online sessions available on request

(prices current 30th March 2024)

Soul Awakening & Card Reading

Rose Womb Healing

As women, we can hold a lot of trauma and emotion in our womb space that can get triggered in different situations and can feel like a heaviness or emptiness.

This heaviness can affect our relationships with ourselves and others.


This can deeply affect how we see ourselves and our life moving forward.

 Some of this trauma can be from past relationships, trauma around birth or pregnancy, or trauma or energy brought through from you or your ancestors from past lives.

This ancient healing technique has been passed down through the Priestesses of Avalon and I have been given permission to share this with you.

This is extremely sacred healing that works deeply in your womb space using the scared tools of the High Priestess and in the name of the higher divine feminine energy.

  • This may help you to heal and release past relationships hurt betrayal.

  • Release anything that’s made you question who you are or what is preventing you to stand in your feminine truth.

  • Release emotional energy around infertility and imbalances in the womb space 

  • It can also assist in clearing any blocks around current or future relationships.

  • To help guide you through your wisdom years and connect to the sacred wise women within

This is available to you regardless of if you still have your womb, this is conducted at an energetic level

This is great for a pre-wedding ceremony (solo or with your closest girlfriends) to shift old patterns and binds from the past; clear the way for your future relationship without the weight of the past.

Allow up to 1.5 hours $175 pp.

1:1 sessions available online

Group sessions available: POA

Bookings must be made in advance to ensure the tools are prepared and ready for you.

Energy Release Healing

This energy-releasing session has evolved from the ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Ho'onoponopono.


When you connect to a person/event or situation an energetic connection is made, the stronger the connection the deeper the energy is formed.

In the spirit realm, this is seen as a cord attaching between you and the person/event or situation. This connection strengthens over time and becomes a part of your auric field.

When this relationship or connection comes to an end, physically and emotionally it can be hard to “let it go” it niggles at you, keeping you caught up there.

Through connection and guidance from your guides, you will work to resolve and dissolve energetic cords that are lingering in your auric field; attachments to events/ people or situations will be released.

You will feel a release on all levels, emotionally, energetically and physically.

Channeled messages will be shared during this session if available

Allow 1.5-2 hours $155

Online sessions are available

Reiki and Intuitive Reading

Using sacred Reiki symbols Belinda, a Reiki Master & teacher will help you to feel deeply relaxed & rested to settle anxiety, recharge your cellular energy, a deep rejuvenation.

This healing is followed by an intuitive reading as Belinda connects to your guides to share intuitive insight.

Includes 3 card reading 

Exchange: 75 mins $155

Online sessions available 

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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