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Intuitive Readings

Clarity Reading

Need help with an area in your life?

Feeling stuck or unsure of what’s next?

Belinda will use her psychic abilities to open the connection to your Spirit Guides to offer you guidance & direction.

Belinda will communicate with your guides and share their wisdom to assist you in the here and now.

This will give you valuable insight to assist your direction and help you to feel inspired to step forward in life.

Tarot cards or Oracle Cards maybe drawn & read in this session as we are guided to.


1 hour $145 - 1.5 hours $175

Online appointments available

(prices current 30th March 2024)

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Intuitive Astrology Readings

Connection With Loved Ones Reading

In this session Belinda will draw on her abilities as a medium to open a connection between you & your  loved ones who have returned to Spirit with the intention to bring peace and comfort in knowing that they are still with you.

A deeply healing experience.


1 hour *$145- 1.5 hours *$175

Prices current 30th March 2024 (AUD)

Belinda holds soul memories of a lifetime when she worked with the cosmic skies reading the energies and mapping the stars, informing high councils, witches, healers, and keeping sacred scriptures, her guides led her on a journey to reawaken this part of her and remember her gift of speaking to the Cosmic Guides.

All readings are channelled from Spirit, Belinda will connect with your Spirit Guides and speak with the Cosmic Guides, tuning into your Cosmic Soul Map revealing the sacred messages left for you.


Intuitive astrology readings are available in-person or online (with the option to record the session).

The Sacred Three

You are so much more than “just” your Star Sign, discover these significant Cosmic Codes to reveal more about you. The “Sacred Three” reveal the cosmic energy identifying  your soul self, unique identity and why you’re here in this lifetime. Discover your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendent Rising Signs and how these assist us to decode your sacred messages to reveal more of who you are here to be in this lifetime. This session is a great starting point to uncover your star chart , we allow some time for questions to look a little deeper into specific life areas. All sessions are intuitively channelled with your Spirit Guides and Cosmic Guides.

Exchange: *$175 (90 mins) *30th March 2024

Your Soul Journey

Together we will unravel the Cosmic Scroll that holds the sacred messages written in the stars at the time the portal opened to support your arrival into this world.

Through tuning into your Cosmic Soul Map (traditionally known as your Natal Chart) we can uncover your soul’s mission, reveal if you’re an old soul returning, uncover karmic missions , arm you with insight to meet your life challenges and rediscover more about who you are and why your ancestors formed a unique and sacred star pattern to open the portal initiating your arrival.

In this reading we look deeper into the cosmic energies and the current influences of the planets in your Cosmic Soul Map.


We can dive into the year ahead to recognise significant times for you to tap into the cosmic energy and how you can utilise this time to support you with your expansion and life journey.

Oracle or Tarot Cards maybe used in this session also. This session allows for time to dive deeper and ask more specific questions.

Suitable to have for ongoing support or to look at the year ahead.

Exchange: *$225 (90-120 mins) *prices 30th March 2024

Two Souls Unite-
chart synastry

In this reading we look at two peoples Cosmic Soul Charts and reveal how these souls interact with each other and discover what role each play in the others life.

We discover what the challenges may be and how to work with each other’s soul gifts.

Discover what was aligning in the cosmic skies at the time you two were connected in this world?

This is great for couples to help understand each other more, or to assist in understanding a parent/child relationship or help with a child’s journey.

This is a sacred offering that must honour all involved, we can only tune into another’s cosmic soul chart with their permission.

Exchange: *$195 (2 hours) *prices current 30th March 2024

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