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Workshops and Circles

The Moon The Seer and The Oracle 
12-week psychic activation and
awakening journey

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It is time to remember the psychic tools that lay dormant and hidden within your cells. Join me on a spirit guided journey to reawaken and unlock your Psychic ability and intuition.

Over 12 weeks we will journey together as a collective with Spirit through rituals and Spirit channelled meditations, with the intention to uncover your unique spirit communication channel and learn how to strengthen your psychic connection.

These sessions are online. 

Using spirit guided techniques, you’ll remember how to tune in and trust in the messages you receive, decode the mystery of Spirits communications, and recognise the difference between Spirit messages and your own thoughts.

Over 12 weeks in conjunction with the New and Full Moons, we will connect (fortnightly) online in a sacred circle where you will be guided through activations to open your receptive channels to spirit. A sacred journey of connection with others, clearing the amnesia and remembering the way of the oracle, seer, and healer within.

New Moons bring in higher codes and light activations to strengthen Spirit connections.
Full Moons work to clear energy/karmic blocks that may prevent you from opening revealing past life/karmic binds.

Over this time we will enter into the cosmic portals activating and anchoring in the cosmic energies and light-codes available to us at this time.

You will receive ritual practices to help you to build and maintain your new frequency.

To support you on your journey you will receive 2x 45 minute 1:1 Spirit Guided sessions with Belinda to tune into the wisdom of Spirit to assist you on this journey
These sessions are conducted (online) at a time that is allocated to you.
This can be live or pre-recorded and sent to you.

We begin Monday 23rd Jan and connect fortnightly on a Monday, (see exact dates below).

During the energy of the New Moon in January we are being called into the temple of  Ancient Wisdom under the Aquarius New Moon energy, where we open the connection to our ancestors and the sacred healing wisdom they hold for us.

We complete our circle on Monday 3rd April in the energy of the Full Moon

Times: 7-9pm (AEST) Or 12pm-2pm (AEST) (subject to availability)

Circle dates:

o   23/1/23

o   6/2/23

o   20/2/23

o   6/3/23

o   20/3/23

o   3/4/23

All circles will be on Zoom and recorded, the link will be shared you within 48 hours for you to connect in your own time.

This is for you if you’ve always felt connected to the higher realms of spirit but need help to awaken and for those who are already feeling very connected but wish to strengthen the connection and remove any doubt/distrust binds.

Exchange $550 or early bird (before 6th Jan) $475

·       12-week connection with others called to this path (via private Facebook group)

·       Fortnightly join others in a sacred circle (online) 1.5-2 hrs in circle with Belinda and Spirit using spirit guided tools

·       Rituals to complete between sessions to assist you to “tune in”

·       2x 45 min 1:1 session with Spirit Medium Belinda (online) at a time allocated to you

·       Option to continue fine tuning your skills in level 2 (Psychic tools) and join in Psychic Circles 

Workshops and Circles

Intuitive Development Program

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. (oxford dictionary)

Have you always wondered what intuition is?

Come and join me in this introductory 4- week program and learn how to tune in to your intuitive self.


  • Learn to trust your gut when warned that something is about to happen

  • Understand why you feel deeply moved by other people's emotions.

  • Start to use your angel or tarot cards more confidently, developing trust in your own intuition.

Each week you will be introduced to a new tool helping you gain more clarity and confidence to awaken and strengthen your intuition.


You will learn how to cleanse your aura/space, how to protect yourself, as well as how to recognise and interpret how your intuition speaks to you.

This course is for those new to their intuitive side as well as those wanting to strengthen their intuition.

For more detailed information or to book, please contact Belinda

New dates coming soon. Register your interest above. Online sessions are available 

Sacred Wise Women Circles 


Together as women we will rise!

A gathering for women to raise their vibration for the collective community through rituals, sharing of sacred knowledge, honouring the high vibrational times of the year and our great Mother Gaia.

Each gathering is based on a new intention or to connect us with the energies aligned with Mother Earths instinctual shifts. 

Connect to and awaken the Sacred Wise Women within, connect to her wisdom and feel her strength.

New dates announced soon, including virtual circles from your own sacred space.

Moon Goddess Circle

Join Psychic Medium, Priestess and Moon Intuitive Belinda Moore in a sacred circle to soak up the ancient wisdom of Mother Moon.

This Full Moon is in the astrological sign of Aries she will call to us through the sacred fire cleansing, clearing, and reigniting our spark within.  Aries Moon represents Manipura our chakra of radiance, confidence, and courage. Aries is fiery, full of passion, she is the light warrior. She assists us to overcome obstacles to stay on our path and find the courage to be all we are here to be. 

Through sacred ritual and connection to the higher realms we will witness how Mother Moon is guiding us through this present time and how we can harness her loving energy to assist us in everyday life. 

Energetically we will weave an intricate thread from womb to womb creating a sacred container to welcome in Mother Moon, our feminine Ancestors, Spirit guides and the Goddesses. 

Together we will….
•    Draw wisdom from the spirit realm
•    Intuitively select oracle cards
•    Bathe in healing vibrational sounds 
•    Receive an auric clearing and blessing and connect to the fire within

•    Perform a fire ritual dissolving that which needs to move. 

Each circle is unique and is channelled through Belinda and her Spirit Team.

To keep this sacred, there are limited places in circle.

Exchange: $55 includes:
•    Moon connection- intuitive insight
•    Full Moon ritual to support you through the Full Moon energy
•    Sacred Tea
•    Nourishing snacks to share after ritual
•    Time to connect to other like-minded women


We invite you to embrace your feminine self and dress as the Goddess that you are, please wear a long dress or skirt to our circle.


Be flowy, feminine, and comfortable; adorn yourself with your sacred jewellery, headpieces, crowns- however your inner Goddess wishes to be seen.

Ange the founder and creatrix of “Luxe at Hart” is opening her shop (6.30-7pm) before our circle begins so you can browse and try on Goddess worthy outfits (perhaps you’ll even keep one on for our circle).

We invite you to show up as your authentic self with the knowledge “your ancestors wisdom lies within you”.

See you in our sacred circle Moon Goddess.

Friday 22nd October 2021 6.30-8.30pm

Luxe at Hart Coomera

In light. Belinda

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