Workshops and Circles

Intuitive Development Program

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. (oxford dictionary)

Have you always wondered what intuition is?

Come and join me in this introductory 4- week program and learn how to tune in to your intuitive self.


  • Learn to trust your gut when warned that something is about to happen

  • Understand why you feel deeply moved by other people's emotions.

  • Start to use your angel or tarot cards more confidently, developing trust in your own intuition.

Each week you will be introduced to a new tool helping you gain more clarity and confidence to awaken and strengthen your intuition.


You will learn how to cleanse your aura/space, how to protect yourself, as well as how to recognise and interpret how your intuition speaks to you.

This course is for those new to their intuitive side as well as those wanting to strengthen their intuition.

For more detailed information or to book, please contact Belinda

New dates coming soon. Register your interest above. Online sessions are available 

Sacred Wise Women Circles 


Together as women we will rise!

A gathering for women to raise their vibration for the collective community through rituals, sharing of sacred knowledge, honouring the high vibrational times of the year and our great Mother Gaia.

Each gathering is based on a new intention or to connect us with the energies aligned with Mother Earths instinctual shifts. 

Connect to and awaken the Sacred Wise Women within, connect to her wisdom and feel her strength.

New dates announced soon, including virtual circles from your own sacred space.

Meditation Classes and

Women's Circles

Belinda is available to co-host meditation classes and women's circles and hold a sacred space for all to feel supported and inspired to reconnect within.


Belinda has been teaching meditation for many moons in corporate groups, retreats, and regular monthly circles both online and in person. Each meditation is intuitively channeled as Belinda tunes in to the group's collective energy. Often intuitive insight is shared at the end.

The women circles offer a sisterhood to women who are an inspiration and support for each other, each circle can be designed specifically to your group's needs.


The offerings provide a time to connect with different activities including gentle yoga, meditation, movement meditation, oracle cards, self-inquiry, wellness activities, and insight.

To invite Belinda to your circle or to join a local one near you contact Belinda.



If you’d like to host a gathering and have Belinda offer any of her courses in a group,

corporate or retreat location. Please reach out and we can collaborate to find a way to connect.