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About Belinda

Belinda is gifted with the ability to connect to the spirit world, opening a gateway to connect you to your Higher Self, 

Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones.


Working with Spirit as an intuitive medium, she offers many different types of readings to help people find comfort, reassurance and connect to their souls purpose, gain clarity around a life situation and readings to open the connection with loved ones. 

Belinda also offers a variety of intuitive healings using a range of healing tools that she has learnt over many years including channeling spirit, Reiki and crystal healing.

Recently Belinda has been given permission to offer you ancient healings using techniques passed down through the

Priestesses of Avalon and Lemuria


As part of every healing session, Belinda connects to spirit to facilitate what tools and insight is required for that moment at the time of your appointment.

Each session is channeled through Belinda from your spirit guides.

Belinda believes the appointments are booked in the

spirit realm and you'll be guided to book in and

drawn to what you need for this moment.

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