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"Belinda is one of the most caring, sweet, beautiful people I know. I have had the pleasure of seeing Belinda on a regular basis for a while firstly through doing private yoga lessons and more recently she has opened me up to other experiences through Reiki and meditation. She is a true and genuine person. I am so lucky to have been blessed that she has been brought into my life. She is an angel "



"On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be initiated into the reiki masters realm by Belinda. The experience was absolutely amazing! Belinda is so kind, nurturing, grounding, knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Belinda to anyone seeking to learn reiki. Her teaching methods are just so beautiful. Thank you again for such an incredible experience and being part of my journey"

"I highly recommend Belinda, she is truly gifted, i had a reading with her a couple of weeks ago and everything was spot on! She has lovely energy and she made me feel very comfortable. I had goose bumps the whole time, she is very good at what she does i will recommend Belinda to all my friends and family."


"OMG....I had a reading with Belinda and I am still today feeling energised and inspired by this reading. Belinda spoke with my guides and the information she gave me was so spot on and the things she told me only I know. She gave me information, dates and glimpses of what is coming up for me, of which was all in my plan but I just didn't know how and when.......I did no talking she gave me all the info, she did not ask me any questions, all just information given to me from my guides/angels. Belinda is amazing and I can't wait for my next reading, when I next need one. Gift yourself with a session with Belinda you will not be disappointed."



"Today I had the pleasure of meeting Belinda for the first time and I loved every part of our time together. Everything has made sense and having my beautiful gran come through to pass on how I'm feeling and messages had me walk away lighter within myself and more positive. Thank you Belinda "


"This was my first reading with Belinda and the messages were sensational. Very precise, direct and detailed to guide me in exactly the right direction for me now. I walked away feeling blessed, enlightened, and armed with all the knowledge I need. Huge gratitude for the process and your gifts Belinda. Thank you"


My heart was so over joyed after Belinda's reading. This was my first experience with a Medium and I was feeling a little nervous. As soon as the reading began Belinda's warm, kind, nurturing energy shown through. I completely relaxed and felt safe with her. This was such a positive experience in letting go of the old and stepping into my power. I was also reminded of the connection to my guides and how supported I am in life. Such a beautiful feeling. Blessing Belinda


This was the best reading I have ever had. I knew my mum was in the room and received insightful and comforting information to understand my true purpose. Thank you so much for that confirmation I am on the right track. She is truly gifted.

Lisa Mc

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