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What is Reiki?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

You've heard the word but do you know what Reiki is and how it can help you?

Reiki connects to your own energy field and heals from the outside in

Welcome to my blog post talking about Reiki and how this can be useful to you at a time like this.

So you've heard of Reiki, but how can it help you?

I often get a lot of people ask me this question and even as I explain it, it can be hard for our minds to understand something that we can’t see.

If you’ve ever experienced a Reiki session before, you’ll agree that you don’t need to know all about it because you will feel it.

Reiki is an amazing healing energy that intuitively balances the body using light channelled through the practitioner from the universe.

Reiki connects to your own body’s energy fields and helps activate your body’s natural healing ability.

It activates the natural healing ability of your body to assist in creating a feeling of being in balance and connected within.

Reiki works on the subtle body (or energetic body) to remove smudges or shadows in your auric field that can cause you to feel out of balance or heavy, these smudges can continue to draw inwards and manifest into physical aches, pains or emotional imbalances.

Have you ever felt not quite yourself but ignored it and kept pushing yourself to continue on, only to find the feeling just won’t budge?

Your energetic body is trying to warn you to take some time out to restore and balance out your vital energy. You keep pushing through (because that’s what you’ve always done) and you end up feeling as if your body is working against you, constantly getting sick and feeling off. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you, it’s also a great time to receive a Reiki session.

A Reiki session relaxes the physical & emotional body helping to release what’s weighing you down on an energetic level and activate wellness on a physical level.

It’s deeply peaceful to receive & can bring insight & clarity.

I use Reiki in all my healing sessions combined with my intuition & other healing tools to pick up and work with your subtle body (energy).

You too can learn to become a Reiki Healer and give yourself and others Reiki, there are so many ways to use Reiki in your everyday life with children, pets, plants and even to send to loved ones via distance healing. Reiki is unrestrictive, safe and available to all.

If you’d like to experience a Reiki Healing session contact Belinda

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