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10 ways to use Reiki everyday

1. Start each day with Reiki.

Start your day feeling awake, balanced, focused and full of energy.

Reiki can be combined as part of your meditation practice or as a stand-alone practice to build your vibrational energy for the day.

Try 5-10 mins in the morning before you start your day, this will help you become more focused, less tired and feel more balanced for your day ahead.

2. Energise your food

Fresh food is made up of living cells that will respond to the Reiki light, charge up your food to nourish your own cells.

As you’re preparing food for your family you can pour rays of Reiki light and love into the food, this helps to nourish them from the inside out. Even a basic sandwich tastes amazing when it’s made with love.

3. Charge your water

We are all made of energy particles that vibrate and respond to energy, and water is no different, after all our body is made up of a huge percentage of water. Fill your glass or water bottle, hold it between your hands and spend a few moments to charge up your water by beaming Reiki into it, before you drink it.

4. Nourish your plants

When watering your plants, charge the water before pouring it into the soil.

Spend a few moments beaming Reiki light towards the plants to help them balance their own systems; studies have shown that plants feel the energy surrounding them and respond according to what they feel.

5. Nurture your children

Children respond beautifully to Reiki without a doubt. Children have no pre-conceived perceptions towards Reiki, allowing them to feel the energy being transferred to them without trying to understand it or question what they feel.

Reiki can be useful to help settle an upset tummy, calm a child for sleep, or to prepare them for the day. The younger the child the more receptive they are to the energy.

Place your hands onto the stomach or back of the child and activate the Reiki light, stay as long as you can.

6. Calm your pets

Pets are extremely sensitive to energy; ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you; they feel your emotions and they know when you’re stressed or unwell. Reiki can help activate their natural healing ability, balancing their chakras and calming them in times of stress like storms.

7. Create a positive work space

Reiki your work area to create a peaceful and highly charged space, use Reiki in the office space and meeting areas to balance out the energy, you’ll feel more focused and have more clarity for your tasks and meetings. When others enter the area charged with Reiki they too will feel this shift in energy and challenges can seem less complicated.

8. Release your work day

Clear yourself from any negative or heavy energy you have picked up throughout your day by giving yourself a Reiki shower. Visualise Reiki light pouring into your crown filling your whole body and allow it to overflow, washing away any unwanted energy.

9. As an additional offering

If you are already working with people, Reiki is a great addition to your healing tool box. Massage therapists, yoga teachers, childcare workers, aged carers, nurses’ hairdressers, beauty therapists, anyone who is in close contact with others can offer Reiki as an extra offering. Even if it’s only a quick moment when you can give Reiki, it will continue to work within that person long after you activate it. If you have the long-distance Reiki symbols (Reiki level 2) you can send them Reiki energy via distance.

10. Energise your bath

There’s nothing better than pouring your body into the deliciously warm bath to soak away your day. Make your bath even more rejuvenating by using Reiki to charge the water before you get in, beam light towards your bath.

Consider this as a water blessing just for you.

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