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We are being shaken to awaken

This full moon is in the sign of Capricorn and is accompanied with yet another eclipse, it is an earth moon with energy sent to shake our foundations to re-structure.

We Are Being Shaken To Awaken

Capricorn is the ultimate organiser loving systems and practicality and this eclipse season has seen a time of shifting, poking, and provoking us to grow and change at a higher level to help with our spiritual evolution.

As we have watched and observed the world change at a rapid pace shaking us all to our core, we’ve questioned the old structures and systems and watched and observed them fall away externally and internally.

With our eyes wide open, now we can recognise that the old ways no longer align with how we see ourselves moving forward.

We begin to understand what 2020 signifies, 2020 vision at a higher level.

As old thought patterns break down, we get out of our heads and pay attention to what’s surfacing and where these old ways have come from, we begin to recognise ancestral patterns of limitations & old beliefs.

You may not even know where these old ways come from, it may be from seven generations ago, for some even lifetimes.

You start to see where you’re giving away your power and finally understand why.

If you’re feeling uneasy, confused, have trouble seeing a way forward (or what forward even looks like), you can’t think straight or are feeling off balance, then you are feeling the effects of this full moons' energy.

To navigate through this time, ground yourself to help your physical body transition into the new ways/new world.

To ground yourself try Yoga, breath-work, meditation, spending time out in nature or standing barefoot on the grass.

It’s time to create your own path, form your own thoughts and create new beliefs with what feels right for you, what aligns with your truth.

In the light of this full moon acknowledge to yourself at least one thought, structure or pattern that no longer aligns with you and give yourself permission to dissolve this old structure or belief.

It is time to make your contribution to the new world by starting with you

Happy full moon blessings


Psychic medium, energy healer, yoga teacher.

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