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Full Moon Blessings- intuitive moon insight

Full Moon in Cancer- The Empaths Moon

Are you feeling extra sensitive, emotional, vulnerable, dreamy, or fiercely protective right now? You’re feeling this Full Moons energy, she shines her brightest today

Tuesday 18th January 2022.

The Stirring of the Great Cosmic Womb

This Full Moon is illuminating the collective energy right now, stirring up anxiety, worry and fears, bringing up the maternal instincts drawing us inward to protect, reassess and nurture.

It is like our Cosmic Ancestors are stirring the Great Cosmic Womb

dissolving and transforming.

Cancer Full Moon invites us to nurture our inner Psychic, fine tune our intuition, return to what “feels” right and true, this is the time to release fears and to stop worrying about what may never come to fruition.

"Shift your focus and energy into creating the desired outcome. Don’t lose sight".

This Full Moon in Cancer is in the 4th house (our home sector) and is opposing our Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in the house of authority/public life - invoking transformation through alchemy and deep inner reflection to transform where/how we live. Our Spiritual Elders and Ancestors are sending light fused activations through the ley lines to the collective; we are all receiving heartfelt activations from a higher authority.

Surrender your worries, hand them over to the higher realms.

Connect to a Higher Authority, seek your wisdom through your Spirit Guides and TRUST them to show you the way through.

“She/he who lets go, is gently guided through this portal of transformation”.

These activations are calling us out, asking us to be accountable for how we are showing up in the world.

· How can we contribute in a more nurturing loving way towards our home life and the world we want to live in?

· How can we nurture ourselves and contribute to the nurturing and wellbeing of others?

Come back to your roots and what is truly important to you, nurture your womb/hara. Disconnect from all the external noise and useless mind chatter that is causing you so much angst or uncertainty, connect to the loving energy of the Great Cosmic Mother invite in love, nurturing thoughts, even hugging your womb.

Practice tuning into your psychic wisdom through meditation and ritual

Light a candle

Have a soothing bath with some soft tunes

Book in for a nurturing massage


This full moon is a great time to:

Do a spiritual detox.

Transform your home space (and your inner temple)

Sage your home/office, place of presence of any old stagnant energy and transform it into a nurturing homely temple.

Stay in love with life.


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