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Full Moon Blessings- Scorpio Blood Moon

Scorpio Blood Moon + Lunar Eclipse + Taurus Sun = potent portals of energy are open and major shifts/releases.

The fog is lifting for us to see. It was no surprise to awaken to a foggy start to our day.

The lunar eclipse energy is upon us now, under the watchful eye of the Scorpion Goddess as she weaves her way into the shadowy depths of our being to reveal what has been holding us captive or preventing us from letting go of our pasts.

At the exact time of the full moon here on the Gold Coast this afternoon, she transits through the 2nd house of personal resources, we are being called to recognise our own resourcefulness and true values. This will be stirring up old emotions and triggers around finances, triggering old emotions around stability.

What do we value deeply, what is our greatest value?

There is an emphasis on recreating our foundations, setting ourselves up in a way that aligns with our true values.

Even in our financial institutions we are witnessing them re-evaluating their rates and resources.

This eclipse energy will bring soul whispers, internal dialogue around what’s really important to us in this time. It is a time to change/shift the thought patterns around felling in lack (lack of) in areas around finances or life-resources.

Be aware…..what you think you create.

Scorpio Full Moon is dancing in the cosmic skies with our South Node (karmic past), there is a reminder from Spirit that our soul memory is sacred wisdom to guide us in this lifetime, through meditation, ritual and tuning into the Scorpio Moon we can access our soul memory to assist us to heal our past experiences releasing us from karmic ties.

Scorpio Goddess is pushing and prodding us, unveiling karmic binds, past life patterns, bringing to light what we need to shift/release.

Tune into what we’ve inherited from our ancestors, this sacred memory stored in our cells, listen, feel this ancient wisdom/intuition (inner knowing) and see this as a valuable resource for us here and now.

To help you through this energy download, beach walks, baths, foot soaks, water rituals will all help to balance this energy so you can release what is calling within you.

Scorpio Blood Moon Ritual (Lunar Eclipse)

Find a quiet space

Cleanse the room using sage or crystal essences to spray

Fill a glass bowl with filtered water, sit it on to a white towel or cloth

Light three candles around the room

Move the candles to allow the golden glow to illuminate the water

Call in your Spirit Guides and ask for protection in the purest of light

Hold the bowl of water in your hands and towards the moons energy

Call on the Scorpio Goddess Moon and ask her to reveal the wisdom to assist you in knowing what to release in the present time.

Place the bowl down and look into the bowl, soften your gaze

Focus your gaze here for 3-10 mins

Notice anything that comes to you through your thoughts, vision or shapes in the water.

Journal what is revealed


Full Moon Blessings.


Intuitive Astrologer, Spirit Medium, Intuitive Healer

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